V-Gro One

The simple, efficient and sustainable way to grow your own food,

featuring our patent-pending microbial-enhancing V-Gro towers.

  • Know Your Food Source

    Empowering you to make healthier choices in what you eat

  • Create Your Own Farm-To-Table Culinary Adventures

    Prepare and serve meals with freshly harvested ingredients

  • Level Up Your Green Thumb

    It is possible to grow edible greens without the nasties

Sow much potential with V-Gro One

  • Higher Production Yield

    Microbial-enhancing V-Gro tower helps the plants to grow faster, better

  • Stack and Grow

    Grow small with 30 plantings or grow big up to 66 plantings

  • Choose Sustainability

    Lesser water and energy usage means lower carbon footprint

V-Gro One

  • Our patent-pending microbes-enhancing V-Gro tower increases the growth of beneficial bacteria that aids plant growth, making them 10-20% more efficient through better nutrients absorption
  • Standard set comes with 6 V-Gro tower trays, separator and cover, water pump, plumbing parts, net cups
  • 19" by 19" (50cm by 50cm) square base with 30 plantings; 49" in height
  • Extendable by up to 6 more trays with an additional of 36 plantings
  • Fiberglass tank in premium gloss finish with volume of 18 gal (68L) 
  • Modular and stackable with our 'Stack n Click' design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Accessories: LED lights, IoT (all sold separately)
  • Durable BPA-free material to last more than 10 yrs
  • Designed in Singapore