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We are going to America!

V-Plus Agritech Pte Ltd and DrTim's Aquatics are excited to announce a new partnership aimed at expanding both their reach in North America and South East Asia.

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  • Maximizing space, maximizing yield

    Vertical farming allows an increase of crop yield significantly more than traditional farming by maximizing space and efficient use of limited land resources.

  • Minimizing environmental impact

    No chemical pesticides or harsh synthetic fertilizers are used in our version of aquaponics farming. We get cleaner, healthier produce, every time.

  • Modular system for any farm needs

    Easy installation, customization and scalability allows diverse individuals and communities to harness these new technologies to meet their growing needs.

  • DrTim's Aquatics

  • Brite Solar

  • Vicplas Holdings

  • National University of Singapore

  • Republic Polytechnic

  • Amarenco Group

  • Singapore Agro-food Enterprises Federation Limited

  • Singapore Food Agency

  • Kranji Countryside Association

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