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Complete Turnkey Solutions Available

  • Maximizing space, maximizing yield

    Vertical farming increases crop yield by seven fold compared to traditional soil farming per square footage. Tapping into the power of naturally-occurring microbes, boosts that yield even more.

  • Minimizing environmental impact

    No chemical pesticides or harsh synthetic fertilizers are used in aquaponics farming. Our V-Gro Towers are made of BPA-free material too.

  • Modular system for any farm needs

    Easy installation with our 'Stack & Grow' design, customization and scalability allow individuals, communities and corporations to harness these new technologies to meet various growing needs.

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Imagine a school where students actively participate in growing their own food, gaining hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture while fostering a deep connection with nature. Join V-Plus Agritech in reaping the benefits of integrating modern agritech solutions into schools.

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