• Food Security

    Agriculture yield is disrupted by climate change & shrinking arable land; 1/3 of food wasted globally each year.

    With vertical aquaponics farming, we locally grow fresh produce, minimizing transportation, conserving resources, and maximizing space efficiency in urban areas. It’s a resilient solution for food security by reducing vulnerability to climate-related disruptions.

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

    The extraction and processing of materials, fuels and food contribute 1/2 of total global GHG emissions.

    Vertical aquaponics farming saves up to 90% water and energy compared to traditional methods. It optimizes resources, reduces reliance on artificial inputs, and supports clean energy goals, promoting sustainability.

  • Farming in Silos

    Traditional agriculture operates in silos, with each vertical creating waste streams with untapped potential.

    At V-Plus Agritech, circular agriculture ditches chemicals for natural microbes to foster plant health and growth. Breaking silos in farming reveals benefits like nutrient synergy, energy efficiency, waste valorization, biodiversity, and circularity.

  • Environment Impact

    Climate Action starts locally: educating, implementing policies, and embracing circular practices.

    Vertical aquaponics farming maximizes space utilization, allowing more crops to be grown per square footage, significantly reduces land requirements in urban areas. Plant growth also captures carbon dioxide, mitigating climate change, promoting sustainable food production in urban areas.

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More information about UN SDG can be found here

About us

V-Plus Agritech, established in 2021, pioneers smart and sustainable farming solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach integrates traditionally separate agricultural disciplines, fostering circularity, and we do this through Building, Growing, Engaging and Educating.

Our Vision

We envision a future where farming operates in a sustainable circular cycle, Blending innovative spirit with disciplined execution, from aquaponics to vertical farming, we explore cutting-edge solutions to establish hyperlocal farms in every cities and arid communities. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of a greener future. 


Our Mission 

Our mission is clear: to revolutionize farming, a world where circularity is the foundation of sustainable farming. Our commitment extends beyond borders—from cities to desert regions. By closing the loops of food, water, waste, and energy, we cultivate resilience and nourish communities. Our passion for circular agriculture knows no bounds. We’re determined to move the needle toward a greener, more resilient planet.


James Yin

CEO / Co-Founder
Business Development, Sustainability, PR

Ex-SAF Senior Officer
Tackling climate crisis

"Our planet deserves better. We need to stop producing and consuming at our planet’s expense. At V-plus Agritech, our mission is to deliver that breakthrough in agritech across our various business arms to make farming truly circular, no longer the exception, but the mainstream."

CTO / Co-Founder
Product Development and Projects

Ex-EDB Director, Ex-U.S. College Professor
Innovating circularity & food security

 "Circular agriculture is a way to farm sustainably and we do this through R&D and innovations in agricultural technologies. With education, it enables farmers and smallholders to increase productivity, focusing on producing quality food for self-sustainability in their local communities.”


William Foo

Co-Founder, COO
Operations & Logistics

Furniture Businessman
Promoting sustainable farming

"I truly believe in aquaponic farming method as it provides an efficient and scalable method of growing produce with much lesser resource requirements than conventional farming, empowering communities to grow more with less."