About Us

V-plus Agritech, a tech company founded in Singapore in 2021 to empower communities and individuals in smart and sustainable farming through our knowhow to integrate traditionally separate agriculture disciplines into a multidisciplinary system. Vplus farm is a licensed vegetable, fish and shrimp producer in Singapore.


Our Vision

At V-plus Agritech, we aim to be circular from the ground up. We strive to close the food, water, waste & energy loop by providing farming solutions in every city & desert region.


Our Mission 

At V-plus Agritech, we believe the future of farming is a sustainable circular cycle. We want to proliferate sustainable, circular & hyperlocal farms in cities and arid communities. 


 Nelson Wei Tan

Co-Founder, CTO

 "Circular agriculture is a way to farm sustainably and we do this through R&D and innovations in agricultural technologies. With education, it enables farmers and smallholders to increase productivity, focusing on producing quality food for self-sustainability in their local communities.”


James Yin

Co-Founder, CEO

"Our planet deserves better. We need to stop eating at our planet’s expense. At V-plus Agritech, our mission is to deliver that breakthrough in agritech across our various business arms to make farming truly circular, no longer the exception, but the mainstream."

William Foo

Co-Founder, COO

"I truly believe in aquaponic farming method as it provides an efficient and scalable method of growing produce with much lesser resource requirements than conventional farming, empowering communities to grow more with less."