Build: Innovative Solutions, Towering Success

Build: Innovative Solutions, Towering Success

At V-Plus Agritech, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re building a greener future. Our Build category revolves around turnkey solutions powered by our state-of-the-art V-Gro Towers, meticulously designed right here in Singapore. These towers are more than mere structures; they’re the backbone of sustainable urban farming. 

V-Gro Towers: The Vertical Revolution

  • Vertical aquaponics/ hydroponics takes center stage, allowing crops to thrive in limited space, optimizing space for high-yield crop production.
  • Controlled environments ensure optimal growth conditions.
  • Data-driven decisions empower farmers through real-time insights.

Our commitment extends beyond construction; it’s about nurturing a thriving ecosystem where technology meets sustainability. In addition to our expertise in designing and constructing farms, we take pride in handling the ongoing maintenance and care of your farm. Our team ensures that your crops thrive, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or simply enjoy the fruits of sustainable agriculture. Consider us your partners in growth and cultivation!

  • Maximizing space, maximizing yield

    Vertical farming increases crop yield by seven fold compared to traditional soil farming per square footage. Tapping into the power of naturally-occurring microbes, boosts that yield even more.

  • Minimizing environmental impact

    No chemical pesticides or harsh synthetic fertilizers are used in aquaponics farming. Our V-Gro Towers are made of BPA-free material too.

  • Modular system for any farm needs

    Easy installation with our 'Stack & Grow' design, customization and scalability allow individuals, communities and corporations to harness these new technologies to meet various growing needs.

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  • Starts from 1sqm / 10sqft green space for your home, garden or cafe

  • 28 sqm/ 300 sqft space for schools, care facilities, community clubs, rooftop gardens

  • Scalable up to 465sqm/ 5,000sqft for commercial farming

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  • V-Gro Tower

  • V-Gro Cube

  • V-Gro 550

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  • Higher Production Yield

    Microbial-enhancing V-Gro tower helps the plants to grow faster, better. With our built-in biofiltration technology, V-Gro Towers create the perfect environment for the colonization of essential beneficial microbes, including rhizobacteria and nitrifying bacteria, fostering a robust and thriving microbial community naturally, within the nutrient-rich solution.

  • Stack and Grow

    Grow small with 30 plantings or grow big up to 66 plantings. Built with BPA-free material for durability and sustainability in mind, the modular 'Stack and Click' system means you can stack it up according to your growing needs. We made it really simple and easy for you to use and maintain.

  • Choose Sustainability

    Having these beneficial microbes help improve plant growth and nutrient absorption, making the plants grow more efficiently without chemical pesticides and using 90% less water. Farming this way yields eight times more than traditional soil farming, per square footage. Lesser water and energy usage means lower carbon footprint.

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