Brite Solar Agri-Photovoltaics (Solar PVs)

V-Plus Agritech distributes Brite Solar's award-winning Agri-PVs in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Net-zero farms are now a possibility, especially with rising energy costs. The bifacial Agri-PVs come in light transmittance ranging from 80% to 8%, solar conversion efficiency of >22% and power generation from 100Wp to 450Wp. This will allow the most suitable light transmittance to be matched to the needs of the crops grown.

The Agri-PVs, known as ‘Solar Glass’ by Brite Solar, has won numerous European innovation awards and also received investments from the European Innovation Council.

Dr Nick Kanopoulos, CEO of Brite Solar said, “We are very enthusiastic for our engagement with V-Plus Agritech for bringing Agri-PV to Singapore and South East Asia in order to facilitate the decarbonization of agriculture, while protecting crop yield and managing water usage with our designed structure. Installing Agri-PV can drastically alleviate the energy cost for farming operations which is largely responsible for the high food prices we see today”.

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About Brite Solar

Brite Solar is a nanotechnology company. Brite develops innovative coatings and deposition methods to deliver glass products which play an active role in energy management, either in energy generation or energy use reduction. Brite’s award-winning products include Solar Glass for agriculture and Electrochromic-Dynamic Glass for building use.