Microbial Management with the National University of Singapore

"Am I maximizing crop yield? Are there better alternatives to synthetic fertilizers?" You can answer these questions through microbial analysis. Microbes are tiny microorganisms responsible for nutrient conversion and absorption by plants.

V-Plus Agritech is working with the National University of Singapore Environmental Research Institute to further our understanding of how microbial communities can efficiently improve yield in integrated aquaponics, indoor/outdoor farming, hydroponics, and other such systems.

Microbial profiling is a process to identify the microorganism diversity within the plant growth environment. This process provides a clearer picture on what the plants need. We have developed low-energy and nature-based solutions for farmers, mainly through microbial profiling, to help you make more informed decisions in your plant growth. We provide microbial sequencing analyses for farm systems in Singapore and across ASEAN. Along with this, we provide consultation services about the profile of microbial functions within the crop growth media. Specifically, we will investigate RNA sequences to monitor biodiversity of fungi and bacteria, as well as qPCR for nitrifying and phosphate-solubilising traits which will be useful for nutrient recovery.

We can also provide early-detection of pathogens at very low concentrations in the systems. Farmers can then implement early-intervention methods to alleviate or prevent crop failures. From the data collected, we will provide analysis to help farmers be more efficient in their production of crops. This will be done through identifying broad patterns that drive crop failure or successes, characterizing them to specific crop types, farming methods and nutrient needs.

We are now making our latest microbial analysis kit available to the farming community. 

To understand about how it works:

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