V-Gro Tower

The patent-pending V-Gro Tower trays were designed in Singapore to be a reliable, sustainable and efficient solution for farmers to boost crop yields in a cost-effective way.

  • The power of microbes

    With our built-in biofiltration technology, V-Gro Towers create the perfect environment for the colonization of essential beneficial microbes, including rhizobacteria and nitrifying bacteria, fostering a robust and thriving microbial community within the nutrient-rich solution.

  • Grow more with less

    Having these beneficial microbes help improve plant growth and nutrient absorption, making the plants grow more efficiently without chemical pesticides and using 90% less water. Farming this way yields seven times more than traditional soil farming, per square footage.

  • Modular and Scalable

    We made it simple for you to start growing your own food even if you do not have green fingers. Our modular 'Stack and Click' system means you can stack it up according to your growing needs, and is versatile enough to adapt it for Hydropnics, Bioponics and Aquaponics.

Don't be leaf out!

  • Versatile

    Adaptable for use in hydroponics, bioponics and aquaponics

  • Stack & Grow

    Grow small with 30 plantings or grow big up to 66 plantings

  • Choose Sustainability

    Lesser water and energy usage means lower carbon footprint

  • 0.5sqm / 5sqft space for your home, garden or cafe with our V-Gro Collection

  • 28 sqm/ 300 sqft space for schools, community clubs, rooftop gardens

  • Scalable up to 465sqm/ 5,000sqft for commercial farming